Volleyball on EnetLive Elite Club Channel Package

Channel Content:

  • Broadcast what, when and where you want or have Volleyball Network broadcast it for you at a reduced rate
  • Live online broadcasting of practices, try-outs, scrimmages, parent meetings, summer camps
  • Highlight reels for all players that are searchable by player name, team name, AND club name
  • Section for Club information updates and videos of FAQ
  • Club events that are online broadcast live added to VBN Calendar of Events
  • Make content available to only club members, to entire volleyball community,or to all of Network Membership!!Revenue Generating Opportunities for Club:
  • Sell inventory such as banner ads, in-show content, pre-roll, commercials, etc. to advertisers
  • Provide advertisers with quantifiable exposure analytics
  • Video on Demand of archived live broadcasts, as well as coaching videos,skills videos, seminars, etc.
  • Roll the cost of player membership into club dues at beginning of season
    • Unlimited streaming
    • Unlimited tech/customer support
    • Archive your events as VOD
    • Equipment available for purchase